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Why Conspiracism on the AVA Logs?

Conspiracism’s place on the Anti-Vulgar Autonomy Logs is similar to “libertarians”. But instead of occupying the word “libertarian” in peoples minds, conspiracism occupies the area of interest surrounding completely anti-system ideas. To non-conspiracist non-anarchists, they can think about idiotic laissez-faire minarchists and crazed Alex Jones fans, and then dismiss all people who say they want … Continue reading

Brasil Anti-Antifa and Language Lunacy

Funny how conforming to the inherent nature of the blood thirsty, white supremacist, patriarchal, hierarchical, nationalistic, and war-mongering dominant culture is seen as being “Nonconformist”… This is common: usage of radical sounding language to fuel far right foot soldiers and steer their alienation into life dedicated to upholding conservative institutions and giving them more power. … Continue reading

“Libertarian” Support for Fascist Mark Kessler on Facebook

A “libertarian” business showing support to the fascist Mark Kessler on Facebook. You can even like him on Facebook.