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How to Overthrow the Illuminati

7 August, 2013 by Will, Chino, Saudade, and Mamos How to Overthrow the Illuminati Everyone talks about the Illuminati. You may have heard Jay Z and Beyonce are members of the Illuminati, and channel demons when they perform. You may have heard Obama is a member of the Illuminati, and plans to implant microchips in all … Continue reading

Brasil Anti-Antifa and Language Lunacy

Funny how conforming to the inherent nature of the blood thirsty, white supremacist, patriarchal, hierarchical, nationalistic, and war-mongering dominant culture is seen as being “Nonconformist”… This is common: usage of radical sounding language to fuel far right foot soldiers and steer their alienation into life dedicated to upholding conservative institutions and giving them more power. … Continue reading

“Libertarian” Support for Fascist Mark Kessler on Facebook

A “libertarian” business showing support to the fascist Mark Kessler on Facebook. You can even like him on Facebook.

Militia is Holding Pennsylvania Town Hostageby Eric Dolan, Randy Morris and David Warner

5 August, 2013 by Eric Dolan, Randy Morris and David Warner MEDIA BLACKOUT: Militia is Holding Pennsylvania Town Hostage Welcome to Gilberton, Pennsylvania, where men with loaded guns, propping up a suspended police chief accuse all other citizens of being “tyrants”. It is a place where men with Swastika tattoos claim the “other people” are … Continue reading

The Big Neo-Nazi Crib by antifa.cz

1 March, 2011 by antifa.cz The Big Neo-Nazi Crib Have you noticed the shift in image of some neo-Nazis – a shift from the skinhead-look to an anarchist/antifascist image? Whether or not you’ve noticed, you can learn more about this recent strategy of certain factions of the neo-Nazi movement from the following analysis. Some people … Continue reading