This web log has been started to act as a repository of information about various right-wing groups and ideologies which appropriate symbols, appearances, tactics, language, and other things from anarchists, autonomists, and other anti-authoritarians.

Reactionaries have always acted on their own and appealed to feelings of freedom, but in the modern era many of these right-wingers, like national “anarchists”, “anarcho”-monarchists, “anarcho”-capitalists, anti-government patriot militias, “autonomist” nationalists, and others, have directly appealed to the modern developments of direct action and libertarian theory, namely libertarian socialism, a.k.a. anarchism.

Although these obvious reactionaries will be the main focus, there will also be info on other ways that revolutionary and antifascist rhetoric and actions are imitated by or reflective of conservative elements. This blog will post (1) outside articles, old and new, for archiving and (2) original write-ups about specific groups and ideas, that are relevant to awareness of these right-wingers.

People are encouraged to share links with the page through the contact page, so that YOU can participate in this website, too.

Solidarity! Equality! Liberty!




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