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Why Conspiracism on the AVA Logs?

Conspiracism’s place on the Anti-Vulgar Autonomy Logs is similar to “libertarians”. But instead of occupying the word “libertarian” in peoples minds, conspiracism occupies the area of interest surrounding completely anti-system ideas. To non-conspiracist non-anarchists, they can think about idiotic laissez-faire minarchists and crazed Alex Jones fans, and then dismiss all people who say they want to abolish global systems of oppression. Conspiracism usually does not appropriate any specific words or theories from anarchism, but what it does appropriate are the ideas behind what is in actuality anti-capitalist sentiment. This is felt by most, but depending on their ideas and economic position, they are going to do different things. With conspiracism, the tendency is hopelessness. If the Illuminati or whoever can be directly tied to every major and minor event, then they must be all-powerful and regular people must be powerless. Conspiracism is ultimately a conservative myth that keeps people questioning aimlessly without a real idea of how to change society for the better. This is the jist of why it will be included in this blog, but also the pamphlet “How to Overthrow the Illuminati” provides excellent information on where conspiracism came from, its social function, and the alternative theories that provide much better explanations of the world and how it can be changed.


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