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Exclusive Interview: Chief Kessler Expresses No Regrets by Jeff Sole

Talking exclusively to FOX 29 today, Mark Kessler says he does not regret posting those videos; even though he clams [sic] callers to his cell phone have threatened to “decapitate” his children.

“It’s shocking,” Mark Kessler reflects.

“You’ve got auto weapons[,] you’re firing[,] you are spewing swear words at the camera,” responds FOX 29’s Jeff Cole. “I’ve met you and I found you scary.”

“Well, it was for shock and ahhh value,” says Kessler.

If it was shock and ahhh that suspended police chief Mark Kessler wanted, he got it. Suspended for 30 days, starting at the end of July, the small town police chief now says he expects to be forced out or leave his job when he returns to work.

“My mayor told me they’re being pressured from the insurance carrier: unless I am terminated or fired they’ll drop the insurance for the entire borough,” says Mark Kessler.

Kessler, a 16 year veteran police chief of tiny Gilberton, PA posted two videos of him firing automatic weapons and shouting swears at anyone who’d come and take his weapons. Kessler, in his early 40’s, says he believes in no restrictions to gun ownership

“Where does it state in the constitution that any elected official has the right to regulate arms?” he asks. But when pressed, Kessler said guns should be restricted to mentally ill individuals.

“I don’t agree that truly sick individuals should have the right to possess a firearm, but how are they to defend themselves?” he says.

Kessler says he’d give guns to children as long as they knew how to use them.

“How does a kid in North Philly protect himself from a gun-toting criminal?” asks Cole.

“Good question. Maybe the answer is to teach kids about gun safety.”

When asked if his videos have gotten in the way of his gun rights message, Kessler said this:

“I don’t regret it because I believe I have had an impact across the country, tens of thousands of emails from people. My phone doesn’t stop,”

Kessler says if he’s fired, he’ll work with the group that he founded to protect the constitution. He also says that his buy-out could be worth about $100,000.

“Your video was done in such a way that people see you as a villain. Has the tape has gotten in the way of your message?” asks Cole.

“Yeah, some people think there could be a little less emotion and certain words–they weren’t surprised by the guns; they were surprised by the vocab,” answers Kessler.

“If somebody thinks they can dial 911 and the cops will come and save them that is not correct. Cops are there to clean up the mess,” says Kessler.

You can watch the full interview here.


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