Obligatory Introductory Post

Hello there,

I am an anarchist communist who believes in revolutionary autonomist and syndicalist tactics. I reside in the territory regulated by the United States government. I also have an interest in the various right-wing groups that like to play revolutionary. Even though I think they are all incredibly silly, everybody from “anarcho”-capitalists to “autonomous” nationalists are an interesting bunch. They may be silly but their ideas and actions can be incredibly dangerous. Their ideas are essentially just reiterations of feudalism dressed up in black. They may talk and act somewhat differently from each other, but they all would  reinforce the white supremacist patriarchal global capitalism if they had their way, but with even more power directly invested in the owners of society. I will be sharing and writing information on all kinds of “libertarian” rightists on this blog and I hope some people find some kind of enjoyment out of reading it.

Although this will be the focus, there will also be information on how antifascist, anarchist, and other tactics and theories are co-opted by other people that may not stick out like nationalist and capitalists do.

In the name, Vulgar Autonomy refers to these various rightists who like to pretend to be anti-statist, yet reproduce the same relationships of statism and the same dynamics of culturally hegemonic capitalism.


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